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Unveiling the unforgettable lessons learned along the way

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

After nearly a year of settling in, I was ready to take a leap and pursue a job as an interior designer for a London-based company. 

This journey was tough, frustrating, even depressing - it felt like an almost mission impossible! I believe this is the stage where many people either give up or find themselves trapped in a confusing and uncertain situation, struggling with the feeling of being lost and not knowing which direction to take. I confess… I was one of those people for a while.


I lacked connections in the field, had no established network in the UK, and was unfamiliar with the intricacies of job hunting. Despite the slow process of understanding, I was fortunate to have plenty of time due to lockdown to conduct research and even take on some freelance work. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t an easy path, but I firmly believed that all I needed was one interview to showcase my true self, and success would follow. 


My first interview, with a highly recognised company, left me really confused. I had followed all the advice from internet gurus, knew the questions they might ask, and had prepared good answers. I thought I was ready. But then, self-doubt crept in, and my insecurities took hold, leading to self sabotage. I began thinking negatively, like “I’m not from England” and “Maybe I don’t have enough experience”. These thoughts overpower me and made me mess up the opportunity. Sadly, I never heard back from them after the interview.


I do believe though that everything happens for a reason! As the journey of job hunting continued with its highs and lows resembling a mountain range, desperation began to set in. A shift in perspective became necessary; I needed to reevaluate my approach and identify where I was going wrong. Of course, being an immigrant navigating a pandemic and Brexit only added to the challenges. Still, I persisted, holding onto the belief that one day, I would succeed.


I teressly applied for numerous positions, the count lost somewhere amidst the process. I dedicated time to learning, reading, and gaining a deeper understanding of how the job market operates in the Uk. Once I made peace with myself and figured out where I went wrong, things started to make sense and fall into place.


Then, one day, an email arrived inviting me to an interview. I felt a surge of excitement; oddly, I was quite relaxed. The interview went exceptionally well, and I connected effortlessly with the interviewers. Little did I know that these two individuals would become incredibly important in both my life and my career.  A week later, I received a call confirming my second interview and acceptance into the company. I was so grateful and thrilled… I had finally achieved my goal.

Beginning 2021 on the right foot, I embarked on my journey as an interior designer in the UK. The company that took a chance on me will forever hold a special place in my heart. It marked the beginning of a journey into what was yet to come.

Through this experience, I quickly realised that work life in London is intense, characterised by a continuous cycle of projects. In just a few short months, I absorbed an incredible amount of knowledge.

The lesson I’ve learned throughout this period is to be authentic. Embrace who you are and don’t fear the judgement of others. Not everyone will connect with you in life, and that’s perfectly okay. Often, we are our own worst enemies.

Make peace with your inner doubts and fears, and go after what you want with determination. Remember, the world is ours to conquer.

You can find more on my social media - @ccarrico.interiors

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