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Conscious Christmas
Sustainable Gifting with a Touch of Design Magic

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

It's that time of the year! As the festive season begins with its twinkling lights and the promise of joy, my thoughts naturally move towards the tradition of gifting. I believe giving should be a year-round endeavour, but it's naturally emphasised during this time of the year. So, this year, I want to embrace a Conscious Christmas – a celebration that's not just about the glitz and glamour but one that echoes my respect for the planet and love for those dear to me. It's an opportunity to infuse sustainability into our festive joys, starting with how we decorate our homes and the gifts we lovingly choose for our friends and family.


Imagine this Christmas adorned with decorations that tell a story. For example, consider upcycled decor like wine cork ornaments, a book page wreath, repurposed glass jar lanterns, and more. I've just created a Pinterest pin with lots of ideas; you can see it here. These choices add a unique, personal touch to our celebrations and provide an enjoyable family activity, replacing the conventional practice of buying and setting up Christmas decorations. These choices reflect a narrative that goes deeper than the conventional – one that’s about cherishing our planet as much as I cherish these moments of togetherness.


Moving beyond the conventional sphere of gifting, sustainable and conscious presents offer experiences that enrich lives. They extend their value far beyond the festive season, much like a plant that grows and flourishes over time or a service tailored to the unique interests of the recipient. It's about gifting something that continues to give, long after the Christmas lights have dimmed.


Even the fun tradition of Secret Santa can be given a conscious twist. Instead of the usual generic gifts, why not select something that's not only enjoyable but also meaningful? A handmade item, a book on sustainability, or even a gift card for a design service – these are gifts that add value and thought to the process. They’re not just presents; they’re a testament to your thoughtfulness and creativity.

At CC Design Interiors, we understand the power of a thoughtful gift, which is why our e-gift cards are more than just a quick gift option. They represent a journey into the world of design, tailored to fit every need and taste. From a simple room uplift to a comprehensive makeover, these cards are an invitation to create spaces that resonate with personal stories and styles. What better gift than the joy of transforming a space into a place that someone can truly connect with? 


So, this Christmas, let’s make our gifts count. Let’s choose presents that not only bring a smile but also contribute positively to our environment and the lives of our loved ones. Let’s create memories, offer experiences, and cherish the joy of giving something truly special. If you’re inspired to give the gift of design this festive season, our range of gift cards awaits. They are not just gifts; they are keys to creating beautiful, personal, and meaningful spaces. Explore them and step into a world of conscious and creative gifting.

You can find more on my social media - @ccarrico.interiors

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